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Raw Nutrients - Omina

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A Source of Vegan-Friendly Amino Acids with 14% Nitrogen

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and they are essential for plant growth and development. Amino acids are involved in many biochemical processes, including cell division, cell enlargement, photosynthesis, and nitrogen fixation. Plants that are deficient in amino acids may exhibit stunted growth, poor root development, and reduced photosynthetic activity. Amino acid supplementation promotes faster growth, increased yields, and healthier all-round plants.

Omina contains L-amino acids that are similar in structure to those produced naturally in the process of “enzymatic hydrolysis” where beneficial soil microorganisms break down organic materials. Unlike synthetic, 'right-handed' alternatives, these L-amino acids are easily absorbed by plant cells. By adding Omina, hydroponically grown plants get the same benefits as those grown in organic, microbe-rich soils.

Improved Calcium Uptake

One of the unfortunate issues with calcium is that it tends to react with phosphates and sulphates, causing it to precipitate out of the solution as limescale, making it unavailable to the plant and causing deficiencies. It also causes problematic build-ups on equipment that can often lead to malfunctions like pump failures.

Omina is rich in chelating amino acids, glutamic acid and glycine. These chelators attach themselves to calcium ions, preventing them from binding to other minerals and causing limescale.

Glutamic acid and glycine stimulate also come with their own benefits, causing root cells to open up calcium ion channels, and further increasing the uptake rate.

Stronger Cell Walls

The abovementioned increase in calcium helps to strengthen up cell walls. Calcium can be particularly problematic because it's difficult to transport around the plant. With an abundant supply, cell division and cell wall expansion are greatly accelerated.

Increased Resistance to Abnormal Temperatures

Increased calcium also protects plant cells from accumalating damage in adverse conditions. That's why amino acids are used commercially to prevent damage to plants during frosts.

Improved Nutrient Uptake and Higher Brix Levels

Omina helps to promote stronger vascular systems in plants. A plant with a strong vascular system can uptake water and nutrients more efficiently, and this comes with an array of benefits. Not least, it promotes higher brix levels - a measurement of the sugar content within the plant. Higher sugar content makes for bigger and better fruits, with enhanced flavours and aromas.


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