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Raw Nutrients - Phosphorus

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Standalone Powdered Phosphorus

Phosphorus is particularly effective when plants are developing roots but also plays a huge role in the bloom phase when plants are producing flowers and fruits. Raw Phosphorus is a high-grade powdered nutrient that's ideal for treating deficiencies and for tailoring feeding regimens to your exact requirements. It can be used with pretty much any growing medium or grow system, including soil, coco and hydroponics (not organics). RAW Nutrients Phosphorus contains 61% pure water soluble phosphate (P).

Phosphorus' energetic reactivity makes it excellent for energy storage and for fuelling the metabolism in plants and animals. Typically, energy is stored as molecules of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, C10H16N5O12P3). When ATP is converted to ADP (adenosine diphosphate) energy is released. With the use of sugar, the ADP can then be recycled back into ATP to store energy again.

Without adequate quantities of Phosphorus, plant growth slows down. The plant becomes weak and susceptible to pests and diseases. Leaves can turn a bluish-green colour and the leaf stems (petioles) sometimes turn purple. Dead blotches may appear on lower leaves. The ends possibly turn brown and they will eventually wither and drop off. Yields are usually badly affected.


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