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Raw Nutrients - Potassium

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High-Grade, Standalone Potassium

As plants enter the bloom phase, the demand for potassium (K) increases. If feeding schedules are not adjusted accordingly, plants can quickly becomes deficient. Raw Potassium is a high-grade powdered nutrient that's ideal for treating deficiencies and for tailoring feeding regimens to your exact requirements. It can be used with pretty much any growing medium or grow system, including soil, coco and hydroponics (not organics).

Potassium is vital for plant growth and development. It helps regulate water uptake and loss, and CO2 uptake through the stomata, which are tiny pores found on the underside of leaves. By regulating water and CO2 uptake, potassium helps improve drought resistance in plants. In addition, potassium is used in the production of ATP, which is essential for plant metabolism and energy production. Potassium also activates certain enzymes, and is involved in the production of proteins. Consequently, potassium has a big impact on the quality of harvested produce, as well boosting the overall size of the crop.


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