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Raw Nutrients - Silica

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pH Neutral Silica - An Easy-to-Use Powdered Additive

RAW Silica contains 45% Silicon Dioxide. This form is classed as 'flowable' (or biogenic) - 25 -30% of it dissolves into your nutrient solution and the rest then gets trapped in the rootzone for use by the plant later on. It's pH neutral, so you don't have to deal with the potential nutrient lockout issues that can occur when using other forms of silicon (like potassium silicate).

Silica works by boosting the integrity of cell walls, improving the overall structure of the plant and creating thicker stems and stronger branches that can support more weight. Silica increases the production of chlorophyll, which optimises the process of photosynthesis, for faster growth rates. This results in greener leaves with a healthier sheen, as well as an all-round improvement in plant vigour.

Insects find it much harder to penetrate leaf matter, making plants more resistant to them. Plants also develop a heightened resilience to other stressors, like pathogenic bacteria and fungi, aswell as negative changes in the environment.


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