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Root!t Electric Thermostat (for Root!t Heat Mat)

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Root!t Electric Thermostat (for Root!t Heat Mat)

Root!t’s Electric Thermostat is used to control the output of your (separately available) heat mat based around temperature information gathered by its probe, helping to maintain a consistent environment for cuttings and young plants.

How the Root!t Electric Thermostat Works:

Heat mats are generally used under propagators to help ensure that temperatures do not drop below certain levels during young plants’ most difficult stages. The Root!t Electric Thermostat works with your heat-mat in order to switch on its power whenever temperatures are below optimal levels and switch off its power when selected temperature levels have been reached.

The Root!t Electric Thermostat has its own power cable and is also supplied with its own single plug socket, which is used to connect your heat mat. The output of the heat mat is then varied based around the information gathered by the external temperature sensor, meaning that heat is delivered only when required. As mentioned before, this temperature control is great for young plants inside propagators – environmental factors play an absolutely crucial role in plants’ development and the more consistent you can maintain it, the more quickly they will grow.


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