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Silver-White Lightite 125mu Sheeting With Thermal Layer

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97% Reflective, Spectrum-Enhanced Sheeting

Silver-White Lightite Sheeting is a yield-increasing, 97% reflectivespectrum enhanced silver sheeting applied to a gloss white triple layered grow sheet. 100% light-tight and with excellent reflectivity, it resists conducting heat from one side to the other and is also PET coated against corrosion and wear.

How Silver-White Lightite Works

Silver-White Lightite Sheeting is a triple layered gloss-white grow-sheet bonded to a yield-increasing, spectrum-enhanced silver layer. The combination of layers gives excellent reflectivity which means that as little light from your grow-lamp as possible is wasted. An internal thermal layer provides some heat insulation from one side to the other. The multiple layers also make Silver-White Lightite sheeting 100% light-tight. The silver layer is PET coated to prevent it from corroding and also makes it more durable.


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