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SUPERthrive Foliage-Pro Liquid Plant Food NPK 9-3-6 is a high nitrogen plant nutrient formula containing all the essential macronutrients and micronutrients for vigorous vegetative growth. Its high nitrate to ammoniacal nitrogen ratio acts to produce shorter internodal spacing for stronger stems which will support heavy buds, flowers and fruit. A complete, one-part nutrient formula, rich in calcium and magnesium, it eliminates the need to supplement with a Cal-Mag product. Suitable for all foliage plants and the growth stages of annuals or perennials. Ideal for phosphorus sensitive plants.  SUPERthrive Foliage-Pro can be used in soil and all types of growing media. Primarily intended to be taken up by the roots, it can be applied by hand-watering, automatic irrigation systems, or used in hydroponics, but for a quick-fix for deficiencies it can also be used as a foliar spray. Used together with SUPERthrive Pro-TeKt Silicon Solution, SUPERthrive Foliage-Pro will enhance plant growth and reduce environmental stress.  


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