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Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Lights

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With a super sleek look, slimline shaping and impressive PAR output of 2.4μmol per Watt, Telos managed to completely reimagine their hugely successful 6 model – which sits alongside the illustrious 10 model as part of the premium Pro range.

Never one to stand still, the manufacturer has now added a Mesh version of each unit that lets you control the light output from your phone using a unique app! 

Product overview:

  • 2.4μmol per Watt and a total of 420 PPF
  • Built-in Bluetooth technology for secure and precise wireless control (Mesh model only)
  • Features industry-leading Osram LEDs
  • Super-efficient, energy-saving 175W (standard Slimline) / 180W (Mesh) unit
  • Suits 60cm x 60cm to 90cm x 90cm area
  • Cool running with no noisy fan
  • Unique holographic optics for even light distribution
  • Upgradable/replaceable LED modules
  • Lower profile design – more room for plant growth!
  • IP66 rating for protection against dust and water
  • Effective for 85,000 hours (up to 10 years)
  • Trusted components – 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • UK designed and constructed


Introducing Telos Mesh

Reasons for making the move to Mesh include the following:

  • Wirelessly connect and control 1000's of Telos Mesh units
  • Create a network of lights and link it to your phone via an app
  • All commands are securely sent with end-to-end encryption
  • Once connected to a device, the tech will cease to broadcast
  • Your setup is invisible to anyone else looking for a Bluetooth network
  • Select the exact ppf output for your lights instead of fixed wattage increments
  • Schedule on/off periods without using a timer and contactor
  • Enable sunrise/sunset mode to gradually switch on/off and off/on
  • Group multiple grow lights together and establish specific group settings
  • A Mesh network can run lights for propagation, veg, flowering, etc.
  • Also possible to manually control a system without using the app
  • Fully waterproof drivers designed for hoticultural applications

As you can see from the comprehensive list above, Mesh offers growers an awful lot!


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