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Terra Aquatica - Flash Clean (GHE Flora Kleen)

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Keep your System Salt and Residue Free with Terra Aquatica Flash Clean!

Mineral feeds can cause residues of salt to build up in your substrate (medium) and end up causing blockages or even a slow-down in plant growth. General Hydroponics FloraKleen keeps your system clear of those precipitated mineral salts to keep your system running sweetly, and to make sure your plants don't suffer nutrient lockouts etc. due to salt build-up.


How FlashClean Works

Mineral feeds can leave salts deposits on grow-mediums like clay pebbles and also within coco, soil, perlite etc. These deposits can also clog parts of hydroponics systems like drip-lines and draining pipes. Salt deposits in grow-media cause a great deal of stress to the plant and can cause nutrient lockouts to occur, not to mention a slow-down or stalling in growth. When salts clog up a hydroponics system, it can reduce the lifespan of pumps, drip-lines and drainage pipes and can cause a failure of the system leading to plant death. Terra Aquatica FlashClean dissolves mineral precipitation, deposits and residues out of any grow-medium and any grow system helping to keep it running exactly as it should. In this way it reduces plant stress and the likelihood of nutrient lockouts. Terra Aquatica FlashClean does not use enzymes like many other cleaning products. It achieves it's goal utilising a completely different technology. FlashClean can also be used as a flushing agent to clear out nutrients towards the end of a grow and to encourage the plant to transport it's sugars to it's flowers and fruits.


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