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Vitopod Propagators

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The Vitopod has been favourably reviewed by an array of popular gardening publications BBC Gardeners' World described the heated version as "simply the best heated propagator on the market". Whether you opt for the heated or unheated model, you can rest assured that you're getting an extremely high-quality item that's built to last, unlike lower cost options that often end up getting damaged after being used a few times. Not only that, by purchasing extra layers, you can extend the height of the Vitopod, accommodating your plants as they grow taller. This makes it function more like a mini greenhouse than a traditional prop. Large air vents on the lid(s) allow you to choose how much humidity you want to keep sealed in. In general, you need to keep the vents closed early on (while your plants are most vulnerable) and open them up gradually as your plants start to develop root systems.


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