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Water Chiller Hailea HC 300A

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Water Chiller - Hailea HC-300A

Keep your Solution Cool this Summer!!

  • The Hailea HC-300A Water Chiller pumps the nutrient solution through a cooling unit, keeping the water at your desired temperature, which is ideal for Hydroponics systems such as NFT, Wilma, Flood and drain and any hydroponics systems which have a nutrient reservoir.
  • Hailea HC Chillers are easy to use, and feature a strong robust metal case with contemporary design.
 Model  HC300A  Water Refrigerated  300L
 Power  1/4 HSP  Iced Medium  R134a
 Voltage  220-240V  Rate of Flow  1000-2500L/H
 Frequency  50Hz  Weight  18.6kg
 Working Current  1.8A  Size  448x330x440mm
Hints & Tips:
  • Ideal nutrient temperature should be around 66 to 70° F (19 to 21°C)
Recommended Pumps:
  • Hailea HX-8825 2400lph
  • Hailea HX-4500 2000lph


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